Vibration tables

Vibrationmaster’s Vibration Tables can be used to test an enormous variety of products, components and containers – from components weighing as little as a few kilo to light trucks weighing up to 15,000 kg. Using unique Variator technology, the tables can electronically control and vary displacement of up to 30mm in real time, and vary frequencies from 0-200Hz (sine wave), enabling a wide range of test regimes to be applied.

A closed-loop system monitors and adjusts actual displacement several times per second, offering exceptional accuracy. The test bed and fixings can be varied in size and configuration according to specifications. When connected via the internet to Vibrationmaster’s diagnostic servers, each Vibration Table features a troubleshooting function to optimise performance or for fault tracking.

Vibrationmaster Vibration Tables:

  • Vibration Tables can be constructed featuring variable displacement of up to a maximum of 30mm, adjustable in real time using electronic controls; frequency can also be varied between 0 and 200Hz, depending on the specifications
  • Customisable test bed area and fixings can be configured according to client specifications
  • G-force and acceleration can be customised according to application and client specifications
  • A closed-loop system Vibration Table maintains accuracy by comparing actual with required displacement several times a second, then adjusting settings accordingly
  • Payload is completely scalable up to 15,000 kg
  • No matter what the payload, displacement control and closed-loop system accuracy are maintained.

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