Variator technology

Vibrationmaster’s Variator: how does it works?

The Variator, and accompanying closed-loop system, introduce unique performance characteristics into our Junker Test Benches and Vibration Tables. These features significantly increase test accuracy, and reduce both test time and costs when compared to other mechanical testing solutions.

In many engineers’ experience, it is close to asking the impossible to meet the commercial demands of combining improved accuracy with reduced schedule times and lower cost. But with Vibrationmaster’s unique Variator and closed-loop-system technology, we’ve created computer-controlled Junker Test Benches and Vibration Tables that do just that.

The Variator uses a mechanical arm mechanism to change the displacement on a Junker Test Bench or Vibration Table. It can change displacement at unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed. And, unlike traditional Junker Test Benches that use manual adjustment, the displacement, along with the frequency, can be changed electronically in real time during a test. This not only satisfies the requirements of the new DIN 25201-B, but also allows engineers to test their products to previously unavailable tolerances.

Also supporting the superior performance is the closed-loop system. Although a Junker Test Bench or Vibration Table may be manually set to a specific displacement, in practice when the test is running, the actual displacement can vary considerably. Vibrationmaster’s closed-loop system measures the effective displacement of the fastener under test several times a second and automatically adjusts the Variator so that the effective displacement is maintained at its correct level.

With the exception of Vibrationmaster’s J121, all of our Junker Test Bench and Vibration Table models come with the closed-loop system fitted as standard.

Variator technology is fully protected by international patents and only available from Vibrationmaster.

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