J122 Fastener Test Bench

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Testing fasteners is key in delivering competitive, safe and high-quality engineered fastener solutions.

The Vibrationmaster J122 is a fastener vibration and torque test bench that will help you to do just that. It is used to test, analyse and show the self-loosening behaviour of threaded and non-threaded fasteners under transverse loading conditions (vibration). With the optional torque sensor, the J122 can be transformed into a torque tension test unit capable of testing the torque and tension relationship during a tightening and untightening process.


Typical users

  • New product development
  • In-service conditions simulation
  • Bolted joint design validation
  • Fastener benchmarking
  • Certification for OEM supply
  • New fastener product launch
  • Customer reassurance
  • Tradeshow demonstration
  • Sales meeting presentation
  • Mechanical engineering classes
  • Professional fasteners training
  • Fastener manufacturers
  • Fastener distributors
  • OEMs
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers
  • Test equipment distributors
  • Material testing laboratories
  • Engineering consulting firms
  • Research institutes
  • Universities
  • Training centres

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