Vibrationmaster manufactures a leading range of test equipment and also designs and builds bespoke test equipment solutions to your specifications.

Vibration test equipment

Vibrationmaster designs and builds the latest generation of Junker vibration test equipment, that can also perform Torque/Tension fastener tests.
Our portable J122 and J160 models are becoming a standard fixture in manufacturers’ R&D labs worldwide. The stationary J600 and J900 benches are unmatched in their ability to control vibration, thanks to our patented Variator technology.
Our Vibration Tables are built to your exact specifications and can be made in almost any size. They also incorporate our Variator technology, which allows electronically controlled real-time displacement variation.
J122 Fastener Test Bench
J160 Fastener Test Bench
J600 Fastener Integrity Test Bench
J900 Fastener Integrity Test Bench
Vibration tables

Junker fastener vibration contract test service

The key to understanding your fasteners’ performance and improving your competitive advantage lies in defining the most suitable test protocols. Our experts can run tests in our laboratory according to the requirements of ISO 16130, DIN 25201-4 B, DIN 6515 or bespoke “Tested-by-me” protocols.
Junker fastener vibration contract test

Vibration control components

At the core of our vibration test benches, the patented Variator technology is also used as a component to control and harness vibration in a wide range of applications .
Variator Technology

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