Fastener testing breakthrough PRESS RELEASE

Issued 7 November 2011

Vibrationmaster’s innovative J150 portable Junker Test Bench allows two fasteners to be simultaneously tested and compared in real time

Ribe, Denmark – Tuesday 7 November 2011: Fastener manufacturers can now simultaneously demonstrate the self-loosening behaviour of two competing bolted joints, secured with lock-nuts or wedge washers, using Vibrationmaster’s new J150 Junker Test Bench Dual Demonstrator. Fastener product performance can be compared and contrasted to the DIN 65151 vibration test in minutes. And because the J150 unit is portable, it is ideal for sales presentations and trade exhibitions.

“Until now, fastener buyers have been forced to rely on published test results and performance reports when specifying new fasteners for their products,” explains Vibrationmaster CEO Morten Schiff. “Now, for the first time, fastener manufacturers can actually demonstrate the resistance to self-loosening behaviour of their bolted joints using wedge washers, lock nuts and other securing elements. And they can test them against competing anti-loosening solutions, live and in front of their clients.”

The Vibrationmaster J150 Junker Test Bench Dual Demonstrator, which was successfully launched at the National Industrial Fastener Show in Las Vegas in October 2011, can simultaneously test two fasteners in ISO metric and UTS sizes. Its innovative features include transverse vibration displacement set at ±1mm and a frequency default of 12.5Hz. According to Schiff, an added advantage of the J150 dual demonstrator is that the self-loosening behaviour of one fastener will not impact on the other – the motor delivers the same load to each, providing two completely independent test results.

“The test bench operator can run two independent tests side by side, comparing competing products or demonstrating the performance of the same fastener in secured and unsecured conditions,” he says. “The independent performance of a single fastener to DIN 65151 can also be demonstrated.”

The test rig chassis is made from high-strength aluminium with a fibre reinforced plastic cover to maximise rigidity and reduce weight for portability. Optional leather-bound handles and covers can be custom-built, incorporating company logos, and are available in carbon fibre or Kevlar®. Weighing only 56 kg (123.4 lb), the J150 is easily transportable and only requires a single phase voltage standard power supply. The J150 has a handheld tablet with preinstalled software that can be used to demonstrate the test results and loosening curves of both fasteners, simultaneously in real time.

“The overall impact of the J150 dual demonstrator, with its high-end display options and superb performance, is dramatic and crowd drawing,” continues Schiff. “And when connected to a digital projector, the hand-held tablet with its unique ‘VM Test’ software displays the test results live and in real-time.”

Schiff concludes: “Fastener manufacturers using the J150 to demonstrate their product performance in front of live audiences when at trade shows and in client presentations will clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

Available to order now, the first Vibrationmaster J150 Junker Test Bench Dual Demonstrators will be delivered in early 2012.

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