Dynamic vibration testing of fasteners: theory, applications, international standards and recommendations

Vibration can be desirable, such as when it is used to make music. More often, however, vibration is undesirable. It can introduce stress into mechanical systems and create fatigue that decreases service life. It can also loosen fasteners.
This article discusses the root causes of the self-loosening of fasteners, then two practical examples illustrate the benefits and possible applications of vibration testing of fasteners, according to either standardised testing protocols or customised testing strategies simulating real-life conditions of the assembled parts. The requirements and protocols of the international standard ISO 16130, the USA national aerospace standard NASM 1312-7, the German national standard DIN 25201-4 B and its predecessor DIN 65151 are compared, with insights on their most suitable applications. Finally, the article describes a lean methodology to design a meaningful testing protocol.

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