Bestselling J121 Offers Top-notch Parallel Torque/Tension & Vibration Testing

Last updated on October 13, 2023 by Morten Schiff

Article published by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

Vibrationmaster is engaged in commercializing a number of product lines based on their proprietary, patented technology, enabling the generation of vibration profiles with the specific advantage of continuously and independently controlling frequency and amplitude.

The portable Fastener Integrity Test Bench J121, bestseller of Vibrationmaster, is a 2-in-1 device enabling parallel torque/tension and vibration testing that allow for a thorough screening of torque/tension characteristics of fastener connections.

J121 portable Fastener Integrity Test Bench from Vibrationmaster

J121 portable Fastener Integrity Test Bench from Vibrationmaster

One of its strengths is the ability to test fastener ranges down to M1 diameter, making it particularly suitable for electronics equipment manufacturers. Clients can use the machine to apply a tightening torque and screen the resulting clamping force plus monitor the resulting resistance against rotational and/or non-rotational self-loosening given the applied operational stress, i.e. the transversal sheer force in [kN] and displacement in [mm]. The machine is IoT enabled with a firmware for easy-to-use test data generation.

Vibrationmaster’s Fastener Integrity Analysis and Testing machines can work with a full range of fastener vibration test regimes including the Junker protocol as specified by the standards DIN 25201, DIN 65151, ISO 16130, as well as various internal OEM protocols. They enable fastener clients to gain a thorough understanding of their products’ performance and be able to continuously improve performance, cost, weight and reliability to get ahead of industry leading peers. They are suitable for all players, including manufacturers and OEMs/users of threaded or non-threaded fasteners and complimentary components.

Vibrationmaster sells their products across the world and aims to satisfy any market demands that are not yet served sufficiently. Besides the fastener range, it also serves a number of non-fastener clients who are dealing with vibration generation and/or cancellation. The next step, along with gaining broad acceptance of their product offering in the targeted sectors, Vibrationmaster prepares for an IPO to provide the means for supporting the company’s growth. Vibrationmaster is tapping into the Taiwanese market, welcoming all capable industry players there to become its distributors, and the same goes for other players across the world.