J900 Fastener Test Bench

The Vibrationmaster J900 Fastener Test Bench is designed to test fasteners to DIN 65151, DIN 25201-B and ISO 16130. With its unique Variator technology, this Junker test bench can electronically control and vary frequency between 0 and 30Hz and displacement between 0 and ±2mm in real time during testing, enabling a wide range of test regimes to be applied. The J900 features two load cells that enable optimal test resolution across its uniquely broad fastener size range, which spans M3 – M45 ISO Metric / #4 – 1 3/4 in UTS. Fastener clamp ratio (length to dimension) is standard 1.7 for full compliance to DIN 25201 and can be increased per customer requirement.

A closed-loop system monitors and adjusts actual displacement several times per second, offering exceptional accuracy. The control software includes a range of pre-determined test regimes, including automated reference testing to DIN 25201-B, and enables operators to create and store bespoke testing programs. The software can generate test reports and supporting test data as required by Item B.7 of DIN 25201-B.

Each model comes equipped with a laptop that acts as the on-board computer and provides a troubleshooting module that can test mechanical and electrical performance. With an internet connection, this will enable Vibrationmaster’s advanced diagnostic servers to receive status messages, monitor performance or track faults.

Vibrationmaster J900 Junker Test Bench:

  • Wide, horizontal flatbed test area allows ease of access when testing large fasteners
  • Tests fasteners from M3 – M45 ISO Metric / #4 – 1 3/4 UTS
  • Benefit from testing very short fasteners with clamp ratio (length to dimension) of 1.7
  • Two individual load cells enable optimal test resolution across the fastener size test range
  • Displacement can be varied between 0 and ±2mm in real time using electronic controls; frequency can also be varied between 0 and 30Hz
  • Computer control software includes an automated reference test cycle that conforms with DIN 25201-B
  • Reference test result variables can be stored for replication in subsequent verification tests, as required by DIN 25201-B
  • Changes of fastener size take 60 seconds, significantly reducing test cycle times
  • A glider guiding system means that the fastener under test is only subject to transverse displacements, and shows no movement in other axes that would compromise test results
  • Robust construction and exceptional design and build ensures eccentricity is within the centreline of the glider frame, minimising the chances of failure in bench components and casing, significantly increasing in-service life.

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