J122 Specifications

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Model Vibrationmaster J122 Fastener Test Bench
Test bench type Vibration test for self-loosening behaviour under transverse loading conditions
Torque and friction testing of fasteners
Measurements Clamping force
Displacement of transverse movement
Torque (optional)
Transverse load force applied to the fastener (optional)
Fastener elements From the smallest electronic screws to long cylinder block studs, double ended studs, self-tapping screws, and even non-threaded fasteners such as lock-bolts and lock-collars
Displacement Adjustable from ±0.05 to ±1.25 mm
Frequency Adjustable from 0 to 12.5 Hz
Fastener sizes M1 to M12 ISO Metric and #0 to 1/2″ UTS
Min. clamping length 3 mm
Clamp ratio (length to diameter) 1:1.7 for M3 to M12 ISO Metric and #4 to 1/2” UTS
Test standards ISO 16130, DIN 25201-4, DIN 65151
Max. clamping force 50 kN (11,200 lbf)
Max. transversal load 15 kN (3,400 lbf)
Control system 8-channel 14-bit and more than 8,000 increment resolution for each channel
Clamping force sensor One sensor with two measuring ranges 0-10 kN and 6-50 kN for optimal accuracy and resolution at all fastener dimensions
Test software Vibrationmaster’s browser-based license free test software
Test data can be exported as .CSV files
User interface Provided tablet PC
Can also be operated from any tablet, computer or smartphone equipped with wifi access and a web-browser application
The interface can be exported to an external display to accommodate large audiences
Sound pressure level < 60dB(A) at 1m distance at maximum test frequency without sample
Power supply Single-phase 100 V-115 V / 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Current consumption 15 A at 110 V-115 V / 8 A at 230 V
Machine approval CE
Dimensions H 307 mm x W 185 mm x D 442mm (H 12.1 x W 7.3 x D 17.4 inches)
Weight 17 kg (38 lbs)
Finishing High-strength and low weight aluminium chassis and carrying handles
Protective covers in carbon fibre
Possibility to incorporate your logo on the machine body