J122 Features

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A complete fastener test bench

    • Standards: ISO 16130, DIN 25201-4, DIN 65151
    • Test fastener vibration self-loosening behaviour
    • Measure torque and friction (optional)
    • Measure transverse load and displacement (optional)
    • Adjustable displacement and frequency
    • Robust construction for accurate test results
    • Integrated licence-free test software with data export
    • High resolution control system
    • Easily transportable
    • Low maintenance time and cost

Productive and multifunctional

    • User-friendly operation – open to all, even without prior experience
    • Changeover of fastener and displacement in less than a minute
    • Multifunctional to satisfy several departments in an organisation
    • No software installation or licence required
    • Modern IoT-based software operated from any wifi-enabled computer, tablet PC or smartphone
    • Test data can be exported in .CSV file format for further analysis
    • Quiet operation while testing M1 to M12 and #0 to 1/2″