Your career

Why you will love working at Vibrationmaster?

What guides us
We believe in building a safer world. Therefore, we offer our customers innovative, market-proven solutions, easy to afford, implement and operate that benefits our customers to control vibrations to avoid destructive resonance and create vibrations in dynamic test equipment. We put our name on it. We are the Vibrationmaster.

The most important factor in our corporate culture is you. At Vibrationmaster, we believe culture is about loving to work with your colleagues, respecting and knowing their abilities and joining forces to contribute to something bigger. It’s about meeting deadlines with customer focused solutions, and then, grabbing a pizza together.

Join a world class team
So it’s clear that people are our most important asset. That’s exactly why we only hire the best. But that’s also the reason we treat you like we do. With a rewarding environment for bright, talented and passionate people with a drive to make a difference, we make sure our team has what its needs to flourish.

Technology is fun
When it comes to technology, our success is based on our passion for innovation and attention for detail. It’s what brings us ahead and what praises us with new opportunities. We never stop developing our products, and ourselves.

Challenging projects
Working for us is challenging, but you’ll absolutely love it. We value innovative, problem-solving mind-sets, that are able to use knowledge to think out of the box and bring the most game changing solutions on the table. So with your books, bring experience and creativity.

If you’re interested in working with a small but absurdly talented group of people in a learning-friendly, rapidly evolving environment, we want to hear from you. Contact us.