Our history

Vibrationmaster, an international company with headquarter in Luxembourg, was formed in 2010. However, our story goes back much further: to 1988, when Danish inventor Jesper Boesen Nielsen developed the unique Variator concept. His invention, now fully protected by international patents, is based on a simple mechanical concept that has been developed into a range of unique test equipment, including leading Junker Test benches and vibration tables.

Over the following two decades, Jesper focused on developing his invention into technologies that could be developed by his company, Innoactive. He realised that his best chances of successfully commercialising the Variator lay in creating a team with the right combination of business, management, financial, marketing and sector skills. So when he was contacted by entrepreneur and business angel, Morten Schiff, Jesper seized the opportunity to join forces.

After full due diligence and commissioning studies that confirmed the considerable market potential of the Variator technology, Morten acquired Innoactive and the ownership and rights in the intellectual property (IP) developed by Jesper. Vibrationmaster was born, with Jesper remaining closely involved with research and product development. Morten, recognising that a senior and experienced sector specialist would significantly accelerate the development of the business, in October 2010 invited Ole Jorgensen, the former owner of RM Group A/S (Ribe Maskinfabrik), to invest and join the board as Chairman.

One of the main drivers behind Morten’s decision to acquire the Variator technology was the publication of the new international standard, DIN 25201-4 Design guide for railway vehicles and their components – Bolted joints, which laid down new rules for testing the self-loosening behaviour of threaded fasteners. DIN 25201 is a much more demanding standard than its predecessor, DIN 65151, and it was clear from Morten’s due diligence that existing test equipment and vibration test service suppliers would have difficulty demonstrating the capabilities to test threaded fasteners to the standards required by the new DIN.

This source of competitive advantage, based on a simple mechanical idea with solid intellectual property protection, underpins Vibrationmaster’s lean business, marketing and rigorous product development strategies. Throughout 2011, Morten focused on the twin tasks of developing ready-for-market test machine products using the Variator and creating market global awareness of the new DIN 25201.

June 2012 was a major milestone in Vibrationmaster’s development, with Morten creating an ambitious five-year business plan for accelerated growth and development. It saw the departure of Ole Jorgensen, bought-out by Morten in anticipation of the next phase of Vibrationmaster’s growth.

To ensure Vibrationmaster reaches its full potential, Morten is building foundations for his growth plan by implementing a global brand education marketing strategy and through seeking joint venture partners.

If you, or your organisation, are interested partnering and joint venturing in Vibrationmaster, please contact us.