Our history

The Vibrationmaster story began in 2010, when visionary and business angel Morten Schiff acquired the patents and technology of the Variator, an electromechanical actuator that powers many of the company’s products. The Variator is essentially an intelligent vibration generator, with an additional unique ability to control and reduce vibrations to a very fine degree.

Vibrationmaster’s original mission was to help customers meet the new industry standard called DIN 25201-4 B. This essentially defined the “Junker test”, i.e. the detailed process of transverse vibration testing of threaded fasteners like lock nuts, wedge washers, chemical locking agents and other fastener securing elements. The new standard replaced DIN 65151, which had been used by the fastener industry for over 40 years.

Today, Vibrationmaster offers a full range of solutions and material testing equipment for bolted joint integrity testing and analysis. In addition, the company offers its intelligent Variator solution as a standalone component to industries looking to reduce vibration and control mechanical resonance.

Vibrationmaster is trusted by customers in more than 25 countries, including the world’s foremost aerospace, automotive and industrial organisations.

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